The X-Flow 15 and 19 models are designed to accept the total capacity of the hopper on the largest combine harvesters that can then be immediately transferred. They are easy to use, have limited weight and are cheap to operate, which makes them essential tools for all optimized harvesting operations. They enable combine harvester productivity to be maximised by transferring on the move, while limiting compaction.

The X-Flow 15 and 19 models are 3 m wide, which makes these machines very stable. With the Ø500-mm transfer screw, it is a very powerful machine. The large-diameter tyres provide a generous contact area with the ground and low rolling resistance.


Caratteristiche TE 500R
Lunghezza tramoggia  3.80 m
Larghezza complessiva  1.65 m
Altezza  2.15 m
Altezza trasferimento  4.90 m
Capacita  3.80 m³
Vite di trasferimento  ø 500 mm
130 Km/h